In 2019 the Yeovil Games will become the YOAC 50th Anniversary Games - on Sunday 8th September

There will be a revised programme to include some special events, such as a mile race and mixed 4x100 (u13/u15), mixed 4x400 relays (u17+), quad kids competition and a throws quadrathlon for U15 and over. Prizes will be awarded for the aforementioned events.

Electronic timing



For online entries please use the following link:


Online entries cost £5 for first event and £3 for each additional event.

Enries will be accepted on the day for £10 to include first event and £3 for each additional event.



Picket Lane, Yeovil
Somerset BA21 3DS

General Restrictions

Athletes cannot compete in more than one age group
UKA Rules apply regarding the number and mixture of events contested by the younger age groups.
Pole Vault - vaulters must provide their own poles.

This timetable is provisional and may be adjusted depending on entries.

U=Under, G=Girls, B=Boys, M=Men, W=Women, SW=Senior Women, SM=Senior Men

Field Programme

3 trials, then top 3 have 3 further trials (with exception of High Jump & Pole Vault)

Time Event Age Group
 10.00  Hammer  30m + throwers. U15 and over
 10.30  Long Jump  Quad Kids
 11.00  Pole Vault  U15 and over
 11.30  Hammer  Under 30m throwers. U15 and over
 12.00  Long Jump  SM/U20M/U17M
 12.00  High Jump  U13B/U15B
 13.00  Shot Putt  SW/U20W/U17W/U15G
 13.30  Long Jump  SW/U20W/U17W
 13.30  High Jump  U13G/U15G
 13.30  Discus  SM/U20M/U17M
14.30 Howler Throw Quad Kids
14.30 Long Jump U13B & U13G
14.45 High Jump SM/U20M/U17M
15.00 Discus U13G/U13B/U15G/U15B/U17W/U20W/SW
15.00 Shot Putt SM/U20M/U17M
15.30 Long Jump U15B/U15G
16.00 High Jump U17W/U20W/SW
16.00 Javelin U13G/U13B/U15G/U15B/U17W
16.00 Shot Putt U13G/U13B/U15B
17.00 Javelin U17M/U20M/SM/U20W/SW
17.00 Triple Jump U15 and over

For throws quadrathlon, points will be calculated for each of the 4 throws disciplines and added together.

Track Programme

Time Event Age Group
 11.00  Mile  SM / U20M / U17M
   Mile  SW / U20W / U17W
 11.45  75 m  Quad Kids Girls
   75 m  Quad Kids Boys
12.00 100 m Wheelchair
  100 m U13G
  100 m U13B
  100 m U15G
  100 m U15B
  100 m U17W
  100 m U17M
  100 m SW / U20W
  100 m SM / U20M
13.00 600 m Quad Kids
13.15 800 m SM/U20M/U17M
  800 m SW/U17W
  800 m U15B / U13B
  800 m U15G / U13G
13.45 200 m Wheechair
  200 m U13G
  200 m U13B
  200 m U15G
  200 m U15B
  200 m U17W
  200 m U17M
  200 m U20W / SW
  200 m U20M / SM
14.45 70m Hurdles U13G
  75m Hurdles U13B
  75m Hurdles U15G
  80m Hurdles U15B
  80m Hurdles U17W
  100m Hurdles U20W / SW
  100m Hurdles U17M
  110m Hurdles U20M
  110m Hurdles SM
15.30 300 m U15G / U17W
  300 m U15B
15.45 400 m Wheelchair
  400 m  U17M
  400 m U17W /U20W /SW
  400 m U20M / SM
16.15 3000 metres U15 and over
16.45 1500 m U13B / U13G
  1500 m U15B / U15G
 17.15 4 x 100 mixed relays (2 female, 2 male) U13 and U15
 17.30 4 x 400m mixed relays (2 female, 2 male) U17 and over

Races may be combined depending on the number of competitors.

This meeting is open to all athletes who will be 8 years or older on August 31st 2019.